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Well Disinfection and Splashless Bleach

Well Disinfection and Splashless Bleach

It can be difficult to find disinfecting products of any kind right now, but if you are looking for products to disinfect your well do not purchase splashless bleach.

Splashless bleach is a little thicker than regular household bleach. It is less likely to splash, but the sodium hypochlorite concentration is only 1-5%. It isn’t strong enough to sanitize and disinfect, as the label warns, and you will be left with a lot of suds in your water! Read our instructions for disinfecting or call your licensed well contractor for assistance.

Please note we do not recommend disinfection as regular maintenance.
Disinfection is only used when a new well is drilled, flooding occurs, after
a well is serviced, if harmful bacterias are found, if the well has been
sitting without use for an extended period of time, or if directed by your
licensed well contractor.

If you have already used the splashless kind, you will need to flush your
well system longer than directed on our instructions. The smell of bleach
tends to go away quickly, but you may notice you are left with suds in
your water. Use an outside hose to flush outdoors. Be careful to avoid
areas that drain into lakes or streams because it can kill fish and
other aquatic life.

Likewise, the solution can kill grass and shrubs, as well as disrupt septic
systems. A good choice may be a backyard ditch (make sure the ditch is
not connected to a lake or stream) or side area that will partially contain
the solution while it is absorbed by the soil. Flush for an hour then turn
off for two hours. Repeat until suds are gone. A retest of your water
should be conducted to confirm the water is safe before resuming use.

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