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About WSC

Our Vision

Well water ~ recognized by all as safe and naturally better.

Our Mission

To protect and promote well water systems.

Founded in 1932, the Water Systems Council (WSC) is the only national nonprofit organization with programs solely focused on private water wells and small, shared wells serving an estimated 23 million households nationwide (according to the U.S. EPA).

WSC is committed to ensuring that Americans who depend on wells have safe, reliable drinking water and works to educate well owners, consumers, and policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels about water wells and the importance of protecting America’s groundwater resources.

The core values of the Water Systems Council:

  • To protect users of well water.
  • To preserve important groundwater resources.
  • To ensure a safe drinking water supply for all Americans.
  • To promote wells as affordable, common-sense drinking water systems.

The Water Systems Council provides the following services on behalf of its members:

Serving as a key educational resource for private well owners on issues like water well maintenance, well water testing, well water treatment, and all aspects of water well ownership.

Monitoring federal and state legislation, ordinances, and regulations that impact the well industry.

Working with federal and state agencies at the policy level on issues relevant to well owners and the water well industry.

Spearheading Standards Development activities in order to establish performance standards for wells and well parts.

Helping individuals and communities – especially small communities – determine the best ways to meet their needs for safe, affordable drinking water.


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