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Complimentary Water Well Resources

As part of our commitment to ensure that Americans who get their water from private household water wells have safe, reliable drinking water and to protect our nation’s groundwater resources, we are pleased to offer the following free water well resources for your reference.

If you would like hard copies or have any questions regarding these publications, please contact Charlene Bean.


  • Family Business Succession Planning for the Water Well Industry
    Download File 574.31 KB

    This publication provides a brief overview of some of the most important considerations in family business succession. 

  • Special Report Addendum: Fighting Mandatory Hookup
    Download File 2.56 MB

    This publication attempts to provide guidelines for successfully fighting against mandatory connection to public water supplies. The January 2019 4th Updated Version of Water Systems Council’s Special Report, An Analysis of Mandatory Hookup Law: Cases and statutes, should be read in conjunction with this publication. The Special Report summarizes mandatory connection law in each of the 50 states.

  • Special Report: An Analysis of Mandatory Hookup Law: Cases and Statutes
    Download File 9.98 MB

    An Analysis of Mandatory Hookup Law: Cases and Statutes, updated in 2019. Details state laws allowing local governments to require landowners to connect to public water and sewer, and the judicial interpretations of these laws. 

  • Special Report: Who Owns the Water
    Download File 1.85 MB

    Who Owns the Water? WSC's report on water rights laws across the nation, updated in 2016. A number of significant cases have been decided and added to this report. 

  • Well Owner's Manual
    Download File 1.16 MB

    The 32-page Well Owner’s Manual includes sections on water well systems, well maintenance, selecting a well contractor, protecting your wellhead, water well testing, and understanding water well test results. The manual also includes a well owner’s checklist and information on the wellcare® Hotline, a free hotline that provides advice on protecting, maintaining, testing, and conserving drinking water supplies.

  • Well Owner's Manual (Spanish)
    Download File 926.12 KB

    Este manual del propietario de pozos tiene información sobre pozos de agua, mantenimiento del pozo, buscando un contratista, protección su cabezal de pozo, prueba de calidad del agua, y la comprensión del resultados de su prueba de agua. El manual tambien tiene una lista de verificación, y información sobre un línea de telefonía gratis que brinda consejos sobre cómo proteger su agua, mantenimiento, pruebas y conservación del agua.



  • A Quick Guide for Well Owners: Simple Tips on Caring for Your Water Well
    Download File 977.07 KB

    A handy brochure designed for well owners to provide a glance into technical concerns, water testing, well maintenance, and wellhead protection. There is even a place to keep your water well professionals contact information (this section is fillable within the PDF prior to printing)! Provides website resources for testing and licensed well professionals.

  • Well Water & Children's Health
    Download File 231.00 KB

    This brochure provides recommendations to well owners and their families to help ensure safe drinking water for children.

  • Well Water & Individuals with Compromised Immune Systems
    Download File 542.59 KB

    This brochure provides recommendations to well owners and their families to help ensure safe drinking water for individuals with compromised immune systems.

  • Well Water Testing
    Download File 340.61 KB

    This brochure provides recommendations to well owners and their families on well water testing to help ensure safe drinking water.

wellcare® Booklets

  • Home Inspectors Guide to Evaluating Water Wells
    Download File 3.41 MB

    A 20-page guide to help Home Inspectors evaluate water wells during a regular home inspection. Includes a Well Inspection Checklist, Tips for Your Clients/Customers, and a place to add your contact information.

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