State Well Codes

State Well Codes

The State Well Codes database stores state standards for the construction of private water wells.

Included in the database is state-specific information on various codes related to well construction and siting. To find information on your state or other states, use the searchable database below.

Please note that this database is intended as a guide and occasionally standards change. WSC updates the database periodically, but we encourage you to obtain a full list of state well codes from the websites provided within the States Contact List to the right of this page. 

If you have questions about the database, corrections or updates, please contact Charlene Bean.

Please click on the State Name in the list below for well code information. If you would like to alphabetize the table, click on the column name in blue.

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State Category Subcategory
WyomingWell Head CompletionWell Head Completion - General
WyomingVentsVents - General
WyomingSealsSeals - General
WyomingScreensScreens - General
WyomingPlumbing ConnectionPlumbing Connection - General
WyomingPitless UnitsPitless Units - General
WyomingMetersMeters - General
WyomingMaintenance & RepairMaintenance & Repair - General
WyomingLocationSeptic Tank
WyomingLocationProperty Line
WyomingLocationOther Sewer
WyomingLocationDisposal Field
WyomingLocationBuilding, Structures, Overhead Projections
WyomingElectrical ConnectionElectrical Connection - General
WyomingDisinfectionDisinfection - General
WyomingDevelopmentDevelopment - General
WyomingCasingUnconsolidated Formations
WyomingCasingCasing - General
WyomingCapsCaps - General
WyomingAccess Ports & TubesAccess Ports & Tubes - General
WyomingAbandonmentAbandonment - General
West VirginiaWell Pits or VaultsWell Pits Or Vaults - General
West VirginiaWell Head CompletionWell Head Completion - General
West VirginiaVentsVents - General
West VirginiaScreensScreens - General
West VirginiaPumpsPumps - General
West VirginiaPlumbing ConnectionPlumbing Connection - General
West VirginiaPitless UnitsPitless Units - General
West VirginiaPermittingPermitting - General
West VirginiaPackersPackers - General
West VirginiaAbandonmentMaintenance & Repair - General
West VirginiaLocationStreams, Rivers, & Impoundments
West VirginiaLocationDrains (Non-Watertight)
West VirginiaLocationSewers & Drains (Watertight)
West VirginiaLocationSewage Holding Tanks
West VirginiaLocationSewage Absorption Fields
West VirginiaLocationSeptic Tanks
West VirginiaLocationPrivies (Vault)
West VirginiaLocationLocation - General
West VirginiaLocationBarnyard/Feeding & Watering Areas
West VirginiaLicensingLicensing - General
West VirginiaIdentificationIdentification - General
West VirginiaGroutGrout - General
West VirginiaElectrical ConnectionElectrical Connection - General
West VirginiaDevelopmentDevelopment - General
West VirginiaCasingCasing - General
West VirginiaCapsCaps - General
West VirginiaAbandonmentAbandonment - General
WisconsinWell Pits or VaultsWell Pits Or Vaults - General
WisconsinWell Head CompletionWell Head Completion - General
Displaying 1 - 50 of 1676 1 2 3 34