• COVID-19 Information & Resources

    WSC is fully committed to keeping you up-to-date on developments that may impact you and your business during this difficult time. LEARN MORE.

  • Need Help with Funding a Drinking Water Project?

    Check out a comprehensive guide to financial and planning resources for rural community drinking water infrastructure projects at waterprojectfunds.com.

  • A trusted water supply for all Americans

    The Water Well Trust is the only national nonprofit organization helping Americans obtain access to a clean, safe water supply. Learn more about how you can help.

  • Savings Action Plan

    The Savings Action Plan aims to reduce the costs to federal, state, and local governments in providing quality drinking water to millions of Americans living in rural and isolated communities by promoting cost-effective community well water systems. Learn… Read More

  • Leading everyone to (safe, clean) water

    If you work in the water well industry, join the Water Systems Council to have a voice in issues shaping our industry today.

  • Well care for living well

    While you don’t need to baby your well, you do need to take care of it. Get all the information you need on water well care from the Well Owners Network…free!