Tips for a Healthy Septic System

Tips for a Healthy Septic System

Homeowners with both wells and septic systems must take care to maintain these systems to ensure a properly functioning septic system andthe safety of their well water. Septic systems require regularly scheduledmaintenance just like wells. See our tips below…. Read More

Well Water Testing

Testing your water is important to ensuring your water quality is safe foryou and your family. Remember that you are solely responsible for thequality of your drinking water, so it is up to you to decide when and… Read More

Water Filter Safety Q&A

Is my water safe to drink since it’s filtered through my refrigerator or filtering pitcher? Unfortunately, not all filters are made equally. Different filters remove different amounts of different contaminants. Figuring out which filter is right for you… Read More

Battling That Winter Freeze

Every winter, our wellcare® Hotline receives calls from all over the country as soon as the deep freeze starts setting in. We thought it would be helpful to include tips for three common problems our callers face when winter… Read More

January is Radon Action Month!

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that has no color, odor or taste, and comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil. Soil under the home releases radon, which escapes to the air, where it can… Read More

2019 Vacation Catalog

SOUTH AFRICAN 7-DAY/6-NIGHT PHOTO SAFARI FOR 2 Pack your bags for a 7-day/6-night South African Photo Safari for 2 that includes first class lodging, all your meals and 2 daily, guided, game viewing drives in open air land… Read More

Winterizing and Protecting Pipes

Every year the wellcare® Hotline fields calls from homeowners with a frozen well or plumbing system. If your well or pipes freeze, contact your licensed well contractor or plumber as soon as possible.  If you are in an… Read More

Don’t Leave Out Your Septic System

A poorly maintained wastewater treatment system (also known as your septic system) can pose a serious threat to the quality of your drinking  water and can require expensive repairs. Just like your well, you should  have a maintenance… Read More

Where is all the groundwater?

People used to think that if their well ran dry, they could dig or drill a little deeper to resolve the problem. However, we are realizing that digging deeper may not be possible as the US is using… Read More

Manganese in Drinking Water

It is a familiar scene this time of year as children are welcomed back to school. As lead in water concerns still loom, there may be another concern…manganese. According to a Canadian study, manganese may cause neurological effects… Read More