Water Well Care: wellcare® Info Sheets

Water Well Care: wellcare® Info Sheets

Water well care essential for high quality drinking water

Taking good care of your water well is essential to ensuring your home has a consistent supply of high quality drinking water.  In fact, your family’s health depends on proper well maintenance and regularly testing your well and septic system to ensure there are no contaminants so you always have a safe supply of drinking water.

The Water Systems Council has developed a complete library of water well care information sheets to educate well owners about the basics of their well system, the importance of water well maintenance, keeping good records, water well testing and understanding your results, and how to protect and conserve your water supply for years to come.  These wellcare® information sheets can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and printed from this website, or you may purchase the packages including the folder and plastic bag from our online Shop.

In addition, we encourage you to join the wellcare® Well Owners Network to receive quarterly e-newsletters with tips and tools to help maintain your well and protect your well water, discounts on water well testing kits and unlimited access to the wellcare® Hotline at 888-395-1033.  The Hotline is available Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. ET.  Our water well experts will answer your questions and provide you with any information you need to maintain a safe water supply.  You can sign up online for free membership to the wellcare® Well Owners Network.

WSC has also produced a Well Owner’s Manual that is available for download here. This 32-page manual has sections on well systems, water well maintenance, how to select a well contractor, protecting your wellhead, water well testing and how to understand your test results.  There’s also a handy checklist so you can stay on top of caring for your well. Additional FREE resources can be viewed and downloaded on our Water Well Resources page.

Download the wellcare® Info Sheets of interest to you and if you have any questions about the content, give us a call on the wellcare® Hotline at 888-395-1033.

Agricultural Best Management Practices Information Sheets

Proper Use and Disposal of Pesticides and Fertilizers - pdf (82.0 KiB)
Protecting Groundwater by Managing Animal Waste - pdf (75.0 KiB)
Protecting Groundwater through Agricultural Best Management Practices - pdf (75.6 KiB)
Protecting Groundwater through Proper Petroleum Storage Practices on the Farm - pdf (69.3 KiB)

Basic Well Information Sheets

Determining Static Water Level in a Well - pdf (79.4 KiB)
Determining the Depth of a Well - pdf (75.0 KiB)
Determining the Yield of a Well - pdf (76.7 KiB)
Selecting a Well Contractor - pdf (134.0 KiB)
Sizing a Pressure Tank - pdf (1.1 MiB)
Sizing a Well Pump - pdf (109.0 KiB)
Well Contractors - Pressure Tank Pre-charge - pdf (135.6 KiB)
Wells - pdf (233.8 KiB)
Where Your Water Comes From - pdf (229.7 KiB)
Your Septic System - pdf (115.1 KiB)

Component Information Sheets

Well Components: Pressure Switches - pdf (203.8 KiB)
Well Components: Valves - pdf (210.7 KiB)
Well Components: Your Pitless Adapter - pdf (202.6 KiB)
Well Components: Your Well Cap - pdf (202.1 KiB)
Well Components: Your Well Casing - pdf (202.0 KiB)
Well Components: Your Well Pump - pdf (202.5 KiB)
Well Components: Your Well Tank - pdf (202.4 KiB)

For Environmental Health Specialists

Environmental Health Specialists - Inspecting a Well - pdf (562.5 KiB)
Environmental Health Specialists - Sealing a Well - pdf (493.0 KiB)
Environmental Health Specialists - Septic Systems - pdf (320.2 KiB)

For Healthcare Professionals

Drinking Water & Children's Health - pdf (304.7 KiB)
Drinking Water & Individuals with Compromised Immune Systems - pdf (388.4 KiB)
Drinking Water & Pregnancy - pdf (218.3 KiB)
PPCPs and Drinking Water - pdf (248.8 KiB)
Testing Well Water - pdf (703.9 KiB)

For Home Inspectors

Home Inspectors Guide to Evaluating Water Wells - pdf (3.3 MiB)
Tips For Your Clients/Customers - pdf (71.4 KiB)
Well Inspection Checklist - pdf (47.2 KiB)

For Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals - Buying or Selling a Home with a Well - pdf (128.1 KiB)
Renting a Home with a Well - pdf (135.3 KiB)

Maintaining Your Well Information Sheets

Coping with Low Water Levels - pdf (87.1 KiB)
Drought and Your Well - pdf (97.0 KiB)
Emergencies & Disasters and Wells - pdf (126.1 KiB)
Frequently Asked Technical Questions - pdf (191.8 KiB)
Managing a Flooded Well - pdf (92.8 KiB)
Protecting Your Well - pdf (65.0 KiB)
Protecting Your Wellhead - pdf (144.1 KiB)
Well Maintenance - pdf (92.0 KiB)
Wells and Fire Protection - pdf (31.3 KiB)
Wells: What to Do When the Power Fails - pdf (107.6 KiB)
What To Do if the Well Runs Dry - pdf (118.2 KiB)
Wildfires and Wells - pdf (174.4 KiB)
Winterizing and De-winterizing Your Well - pdf (112.9 KiB)

Other Information Sheets

A Shared Well Agreement - pdf (90.2 KiB)
Buying a Home with a Well - pdf (203.8 KiB)
Caring for a Cistern - pdf (112.6 KiB)
Closing an Abandoned Well - pdf (30.2 KiB)
Dillon's Rule - pdf (83.0 KiB)
Ground Water Withdrawals - pdf (52.8 KiB)
L'achat d'une maison dotée d'un puits - pdf (61.0 KiB)
La Compra de una Casa con un Pozo - pdf (56.5 KiB)
Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act - pdf (89.2 KiB)
Sharing A Well - pdf (32.2 KiB)
Water Conservation - pdf (40.0 KiB)
When is a Well a Public Water System? - pdf (67.9 KiB)
Who Owns the Water? - pdf (34.4 KiB)

Potential Groundwater Contaminant Information Sheets

Arsenic & Well Water - pdf (94.9 KiB)
Bacteria & Well Water - pdf (102.4 KiB)
Bacterias y Las Aguas Subterráneas - pdf (57.8 KiB)
Barium & Groundwater - pdf (406.0 KiB)
Benzene & Groundwater - pdf (63.1 KiB)
Chlorine Disinfectants & Their Byproducts - pdf (70.7 KiB)
Chromium & Groundwater - pdf (60.2 KiB)
Copper in Drinking Water - pdf (68.5 KiB)
Emerging Water Contaminants - pdf (83.7 KiB)
Fluoride & Well Water - pdf (92.0 KiB)
Hardness in Drinking Water - pdf (32.4 KiB)
Iron - pdf (29.0 KiB)
Iron Bacteria & Well Water - pdf (106.5 KiB)
Lead in Drinking Water - pdf (90.5 KiB)
Les bactéries et l'eau souterraine - pdf (60.2 KiB)
Mercury - pdf (31.9 KiB)
Methane Gas & Groundwater - pdf (99.9 KiB)
MTBE - pdf (29.8 KiB)
Nitrate and Nitrite & Well Water - pdf (104.5 KiB)
Perchlorate - pdf (29.4 KiB)
Pesticides - pdf (33.9 KiB)
PFOA and PFOS & Well Water - pdf (99.1 KiB)
pH in Drinking Water - pdf (57.8 KiB)
Radium & Groundwater - pdf (61.6 KiB)
Radon & Groundwater - pdf (61.0 KiB)
Sediment & Well Water - pdf (107.3 KiB)
Sodium & Groundwater - pdf (63.2 KiB)
Sulfur & Groundwater - pdf (58.0 KiB)
Tannins & Groundwater - pdf (71.2 KiB)
TCE (Trichloroethylene) & Groundwater - pdf (61.2 KiB)
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - pdf (85.2 KiB)
Turbidity & Well Water - pdf (92.2 KiB)
Uranium & Groundwater - pdf (62.8 KiB)
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) & Groundwater - pdf (77.7 KiB)

Well Water Testing & Treatment Information Sheets

Disinfecting Your Well - pdf (120.7 KiB)
Drinking Water Treatments - pdf (41.6 KiB)
Home Drinking Water Treatment Devices - pdf (57.1 KiB)
La Desinfección de su Pozo - pdf (68.9 KiB)
La désinfection de votre puits - pdf (75.0 KiB)
Testing Water for Gardening and Lawn Irrigation - pdf (113.4 KiB)
Understanding Your Well Water Test Results - pdf (175.2 KiB)
Well Water Testing - pdf (183.9 KiB)
Well Water Treatment Options and Costs - pdf (131.3 KiB)
What You Need to Know if You Are Told to Boil Your Drinking Water - pdf (81.1 KiB)

wellcare® Booklets

Home Inspectors Guide to Evaluating Water Wells - pdf (3.3 MiB)

wellcare® Information Brochures

A Homeowner's Guide To Your Well - pdf (1.2 MiB)
A Quick Guide for Well Owners (also includes fillable contact section within PDF before printing) - pdf (1.0 MiB)
A Real Estate Agent's Guide To Buying or Selling Homes with Wells - pdf (1.5 MiB)
wellcare® Hotline - pdf (1.4 MiB)