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WSC COVID-19 Survey Results

WSC has conducted an industry-wide survey to see how the pandemic is affecting businesses and workflows.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the COVID-19 Survey, including 75% of the manufacturers. Three surveys were created targeting different areas of the water well industry (1) Manufacturers, (2) Distributors and Manufacturer Representatives, and (3) Contractors.

Some things that stood out:

  • 94% of all survey participants are following CDC Guidelines. 
  • 42% of manufacturers predict sales to be 10-20% lower over the next 30 days.
  • Manufacturers say that 70% of freight shipments have not been affected by COVID-19.
  • 83% of distributors and manufacturer representatives are currently experiencing a decrease in sales versus previous predictions.
  • 42% of water well contractors believe that sales will grow or stay the same over the next 90 days.

A few comments from the survey takers on biggest issues facing your business.

“Uncertainty of the virus creating angst in the market.” – Manufacturer


“No real face-to-face interaction with our customers out in the field. Inability to host customer appreciation events. Keeping our employees and customers safe during this time.” – Distributor/Manufactures Rep


“Licensing and training are being held up.” – Contractor

To keep our members informed of trends in our industry during this challenging time, we will be sending out this survey periodically throughout the pandemic. 

You can review details of the most recent survey and more comments by clicking on the links below: