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Well Water Testing & Contractors

We have provided water testing resources for each U.S. state and Canadian province to assist well owners in those areas obtain lists of certified water testing laboratories. We have also provided lists of licensed well contractors and pump installers for each U.S. state that maintains a list of these professionals. Each list is provided on the interactive map below. Please note we are not recommending these companies or know of their level of expertise. We suggest reading through our information sheet Selecting a Well Contractor, confirming the company and its employees are licensed, bonded, and insured if applicable in your state, and obtaining references if possible, before hiring.

Water Testing Discounts for wellcare® Well Owners Network (WON) members

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Additional options for water testing:

You can find certified laboratories in your area by using our interactive map. To use the interactive map, select your state and scroll to view certified water testing laboratories and licensed water well professionals for the state you selected.

NOTE: If you are a Canadian resident, click your province from the list below: 

If you are a private well owner, you are responsible for the quality of your drinking water and maintaining your well system. Regular water testing and well inspection are imperative in order to keep your water well operating properly and to ensure there are no contaminants so you always have a safe supply of drinking water. At a minimum, your well water should be tested every year for bacteria, the most common water quality problem. Other tests may be required or recommended, depending on where you live and what is located near your water well system.  

For additional water well testing recommendations, if you have any questions on water well testing, or if you have any questions once you receive your water well test results, contact the wellcare® Hotline by calling 888-395-1033, send us an email at info@wellcarehotline.org, or chat with us live, or contact your local Health Department or Cooperative Extension Office.

And, view our downloadable information sheets on well water testing and understanding your test results

In the event of an emergency or natural disaster that threatens safe drinking water supplies, view our Emergency Agencies page or use the interactive map to access agencies within your state that can HELP. 

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