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Water Filter Safety Q&A

Water Filter Safety Q&A

Is my water safe to drink since it’s filtered through my refrigerator or filtering pitcher?

Unfortunately, not all filters are made equally. Different filters remove different amounts of different contaminants. Figuring out which filter is right for you can be confusing, so we are here to help you understand how to be confident that your drinking water is safe.

Filters that often come with refrigerators and standard replacements commonly remove contaminants that create aesthetic problems like a bad taste, odor, or staining, but do not generally pose a risk to your health. Contaminants posing health risks may not be detectable by sight, taste, or smell, and can only be found through laboratory testing. 

Before selecting a filter, test your water first to determine which contaminants are present. Then you should do your homework to confirm your filter carries the ANSI/NSF certification that can provide the level of treatment you are looking for. By ensuring that your refrigerator or filtering pitcher is certified to remove the contaminates in your water, you and your family can drink your water with confidence.

What is the ANSI/NSF certification?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and NSF International (NSF) have developed certification standards and test treatment systems and components to make sure they perform as claimed by the manufacturer. When you are ready to buy a water filter, look for the ANSI/NSF certification symbol and appropriate standards code number. Your test results will help determine which ANSI/NSF standard is best for you. You can see the list of standards and their descriptions here.

For help figuring out which contaminants to test for and if your filter is certified, call the wellcare® Hotline at 888-395-1033 or send us a chat or email at wellcarehotline.org.

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