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Water Delivery & Low-Yielding Wells

Water Delivery & Low-Yielding Wells

Several times a year our wellcare® Hotline receives inquiries on whether
it is okay to have water delivered for their well. The short answer is no.

If you suspect your well is going dry, do not attempt to put water in your
well to fill it. Adding water to the well unnaturally can damage the
well’s borehole and components like your pump. Additionally, water from
outside sources is usually chlorinated and can contaminate your water well.

Instead, consider options to use a cistern (large storage tank). Water can
be brought in to fill the cistern directly. You can also have the well hooked
to the cistern so the well will slowly fill the cistern if it has enough water
to do so.

Another option is hydrofracturing or hydraulic fracturing.
Hydrofracturing is a well development process that involves injecting
water under high pressure into a bedrock formation through the existing
well. It is usually applied to low yielding wells to increase the flow of
water into a well.

Lower cost options include specific valves, floats, or sensors that can help
stop the pump from pumping if the water level in the well and or cistern
gets too low. This can allow the well to rest and hopefully recover on its

Contact your licensed well contractor to determine your current water
level, recovery rate, and to discuss the best option(s). If you need to
locate a licensed well contractor in your area try our interactive map.
Download our Coping with Low Water Levels information sheet for more

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