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Statistical Reports Form

  • The Water Systems Council (WSC) offers a number of statistical reports created by data collected from its members for their own benefit and use. Information in WSC Statistical Reports is limited to participating companies and is not to be published or disseminated in any way.
  • Please select one of the following options:
  • WSC manufacturer members have the option to purchase additional reports for an annual fee of $550 per report if the company participates in providing data for each requested report or that the company does not manufacture any water systems component that is being reported.
  • If you answered YES, please provide the following information:
  • Who reports the data?
  • Who in your company should receive the Statistical Report(s)?
  • Please provide the following information for at least one recipient:
  • NameOffice PhoneEmail 
  • Please select the report(s) you wish to receive:
  • ??? Questions about Statistical Reports ???

    Please email Erin Coffman or call 202.625.4387