State Well Codes

State Well Codes

The State Well Codes database stores state standards for the construction of private water wells.

Included in the database is state-specific information on various codes related to well construction and siting. To find information on your state or other states, use the searchable database below.

Please note that this database is intended as a guide and occasionally standards change. WSC updates the database periodically, but we encourage you to obtain a full list of state well codes from the websites provided within the States Contact List to the right of this page. 

If you have questions about the database, corrections or updates, please contact Charlene Bean.

Please click on the State Name in the list below for well code information. If you would like to alphabetize the table, click on the column name in blue.

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State Category Subcategory
Arkansas Location Footing Drain
Arkansas Location Cess Pool
Arkansas Licensing Licensing - General
Arkansas Grout Sand & Cement
Arkansas Grout Neat Cement
Arkansas Grout Metal-Cased Wells
Arkansas Grout Curbed Wells
Arkansas Grout Concrete
Arkansas Grout Bentonite
Arkansas Gravel/Sand-Packed Wells Gravel/Sand-Packed Wells - General
Arkansas Fracturing Fracturing - General
Arkansas Dry Holes Dry Holes - General
Arkansas Disinfection Disinfection - General
Arkansas Development Development - General
Arkansas Casing Upper Terminal
Arkansas Casing Steel
Arkansas Vents Vents - General
Arkansas Testing Testing - General
Arkansas Seals Seals - General
Arkansas Screens Screens - General
Arkansas Pumps Pumps - General
Arkansas Pitless Adapters Pitless Adapters - General
Arkansas Permitting Permitting - General
Arkansas Packers Packers - General
Arkansas Location Subsurface Seepage Tile
Arkansas Location Sewers
Arkansas Location Septic Tank
Arkansas Location Pump House Floor Drain
Arkansas Location Power Lines
Arkansas Location Pit Privy
Arkansas Location Sanitary Sewer Lid - Closed or Tight
Arkansas Construction Construction - General
Arkansas Grout Cement-Sand Grout
Arkansas Sampling Faucet Sampling Faucet - General
Arkansas Testing Testing - Excessive Sediment
Arkansas Location Pressure Tanks
Arkansas Grout Bentonite-Slurries
Arkansas Grout Bentonite-Chips
Arkansas Construction Driven, Dug or Bored Well-Upper Terminal
Arkansas Construction Driven, Dug or Bored Well-Annular Opening
Arkansas Construction Dug or Bored Well
Arkansas Construction Driven Well
Arkansas Grout Unconsolidated Formations
Arkansas Construction Gravel Wall
Arkansas Casing PVC Pipe
Arkansas Casing Unconsolidated Formations
California Licensing Licensing - General
California Grout Neat Cement
California Grout Grout - General
California Grout Concrete
California Grout Cement
California Grout Bentonite
California Gravel/Sand-Packed Wells Gravel/Sand-Packed Wells - General
California Fracturing Fracturing - General
California Disinfection Disinfection - General
California Development Development - General
California Casing Thermoplastic:
California Casing Casing - General
California Caps Caps - General
California Blasting Blasting - General
California Bases Bases - General
California Access Ports & Tubes Access Ports & Tubes - General
California Abandonment Abandonment - General
California Well Pits or Vaults Well Pits Or Vaults - General
California Vents Vents - General
California Testing Testing - General
California Seals Seals - General
California Screens Screens - General
California Pumps Backflow Prevention
California Pitless Adapters Pitless Adapters - General
California Permitting Permitting - General
California Packers Packers - General
California Location Septic Tank
California Location Seepage Pit
California Location Location - General
California Location Leaching Pit
California Location Cess Pool
California Location Barnyard
California Location Any Sewer Line
California Seals Seals-Transitional Seals
California Seals Seals-Placement
California Seals Seals-Annual Seal
California Casing Thermoset Plastic
California Casing Solvent Cements and Joints
Colorado Annular Space Annular Space - General
Colorado Additional Requirements Additional Requirements - General
Colorado Access Ports & Tubes Access Ports & Tubes - General
Colorado Abandonment Abandonment - General
Colorado Grout Granular Bentonite
Colorado Grout Fill Materials
Colorado Grout Concrete
Colorado Grout Cement-Bentonite
Colorado Grout Cement
Colorado Grout Bentonite
Colorado Fracturing Fracturing - General
Colorado Electrical Connection Electrical Connection - General
Colorado Disinfection Disinfection - General
Colorado Development Development - General
Colorado Construction Construction - General
Colorado Casing Steel
Displaying 101 - 200 of 2328 1 2 3 4 24