State Well Codes

State Well Codes

The State Well Codes database stores state standards for the construction of private water wells.

Included in the database is state-specific information on various codes related to well construction and siting. To find information on your state or other states, use the searchable database below.

Please note that this database is intended as a guide and occasionally standards change. WSC updates the database periodically, but we encourage you to obtain a full list of state well codes from the websites provided within the States Contact List to the right of this page. 

If you have questions about the database, corrections or updates, please contact Charlene Bean.

Please click on the State Name in the list below for well code information. If you would like to alphabetize the table, click on the column name in blue.

Displaying 1651 - 1676 of 1676 1 32 33 34
State Category Subcategory
MontanaScreensScreens - General
MontanaPumpsPumps - General
MontanaPlumbness & AlignmentPlumbness & Alignment - General
MontanaPitless UnitsPitless Units - General
MontanaPermittingPermitting - General
North CarolinaLocationBuildings
North CarolinaLocationAnimal Feedlots, Manure Piles
North CarolinaLocationAnimal Barns
North CarolinaLicensingLicensing - General
North CarolinaIdentificationIdentification - General
North CarolinaGroutGrout - General
North CarolinaGravel/Sand-Packed WellsGravel/Sand-Packed Wells - General
North CarolinaDevelopmentDevelopment - General
North CarolinaCasingThermoplastic
North CarolinaCasingSteel
North CarolinaCasingCasing - General
North CarolinaLocationSeptic Tank/Drainfield
North CarolinaLocationLandfills
North CarolinaLocationPotential Contaminants
North CarolinaLocationNon-Hazardous Waste Storage Treatment
North CarolinaLocationLocation - General
North CarolinaLocationIndustrial/Municipal Sludge-Spreading Site
North CarolinaLocationChemical/Petroleum Storage Tanks
North CarolinaLocationChemical Storage Areas
North CarolinaLocationCesspools, Privies
Displaying 1651 - 1676 of 1676 1 32 33 34