State Well Codes

State Well Codes

The State Well Codes database stores state standards for the construction of private water wells.

Included in the database is state-specific information on various codes related to well construction and siting. To find information on your state or other states, use the searchable database below.

Please note that this database is intended as a guide and occasionally standards change. WSC updates the database periodically, but we encourage you to obtain a full list of state well codes from the websites provided within the States Contact List to the right of this page. 

If you have questions about the database, corrections or updates, please contact Charlene Bean.

Please click on the State Name in the list below for well code information. If you would like to alphabetize the table, click on the column name in blue.

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State Category Subcategory
WisconsinVentsVents - General
WisconsinSealsSeals - General
WisconsinScreensScreens - General
WisconsinPumpsSampling Faucets
WisconsinPumpsPumps - General
WisconsinPlumbness & AlignmentPlumbness & Alignment - General
WisconsinPitless UnitsPitless Units - General
WisconsinPermittingPermitting - General
WisconsinLocationWastewater Treatment Plant Structure
WisconsinLocationWastewater Treatment Plant Effluent Pipe
WisconsinLocationTank - Surface (> 1500 Gal)
WisconsinLocationSwimming Pool
WisconsinLocationStormwater Infiltration Basin of System
WisconsinLocationSolid Waste Transfer Facility
WisconsinLocationSolid Waste Processing Facility
WisconsinLocationSoil Absorption Unit > 8000 Gal/Day
WisconsinLocationSoil Absorption Unit < 12,000 gal/day
WisconsinLocationSilage Storage-Surface, Uncovered
WisconsinLocationSilage Storage, Earthen Trench Or Pit
WisconsinLocationSilage Storage Structure-Inground or Surface
WisconsinLocationSewer-Sanitary Collector
WisconsinLocationSewer-Sanitary Collector
WisconsinLocationSalvage Yard
WisconsinLocationSalt Or Deicing Material Storage
WisconsinLocationRiver Or Stream Edge
WisconsinLocationPond, Stormwater Detention
WisconsinLocationPlastic Silage Storage & Transfer Tube
WisconsinLocationPetroleum-Contaminated Soil Landspreading Facility Boundary
WisconsinLocationPet Waste Disposal Unit
WisconsinLocationNonpotable Well
WisconsinLocationManure Storage Structure -Water-Tight
WisconsinLocationManure Storage Structure - Earthen or Excavated
WisconsinLocationManure Stack-Temporary
WisconsinLocationManure Stack
WisconsinLocationManure Hopper Or Reception Tank
WisconsinLocationLocation - General
WisconsinLocationLiquid Waste Disposal System
WisconsinLocationLift Station
WisconsinLocationLake Shoreline
WisconsinLocationKennel with < 5 Adults
WisconsinLocationHolding Tank-Sewage
WisconsinLocationHazardous Waste Treatment- DNR Regulated
Displaying 51 - 100 of 1676 1 2 3 4 34