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Don’t Leave Out Your Septic System

Don’t Leave Out Your Septic System

This image is intended to represent some of the components that can be included in a septic system and is not intended as an installation guide. Check local codes for actual requirements and restrictions.

A poorly maintained wastewater treatment system (also known as your septic system) can pose a serious threat to the quality of your drinking  water and can require expensive repairs. Just like your well, you should  have a maintenance plan for septic system. We’ve created a checklist for your septic system:

☑ Have your septic tank inspected for capacity and leaks.
☑ Pump your septic tank every 3-5 years based on use and size of your
household. Your septic service professional can provide recommendations.
☑ Repair the septic tank or drainfield system as needed to prevent leaks
of bacteria and nutrients into groundwater.

More tips: Never drive or park a vehicle on the septic as this may crush
buried lines or compress the soils around the leach field which can lead to

If you have any questions about your septic system, contact your septic
service professional or the wellcare® Hotline at 888.395.1033 or visit our website.

If you need assistance locating a professional, check with your local health
department or search these websites: NOWRA and NAWT.

Download our free wellcare® information sheet on Your Septic System.

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