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Powerful things happen when the water well industry unites

Powerful things happen when the water well industry unites

If you work in the water well industry, join the Water Systems Council to have a voice in issues shaping our industry today.

Need help with funding a drinking water project?

Check out a comprehensive guide to financial and planning resources for rural community drinking water infrastructure projects at waterprojectfunds.com.

Answering the call

WSC provides information to well owners on water well care, maintenance, testing, and more through the wellcare® Well Owners Network and wellcare® Hotline…free!  

The Membership Advantage

WSC is the only organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of the water well industry.

A fountain of knowledge

WSC sponsors online webinars and training programs to keep members up to date on business and legislative issues affecting the water well industry. Catch up at youtube.com/WaterSystemsCouncil

A trusted water supply for all Americans

The Water Well Trust is the only national nonprofit organization helping Americans obtain access to a clean, safe water supply.